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Street Reach Indy is designed to raise awareness and funds for services to help move individuals experiencing homelessness into stable housing.

Street Reach Indy helps homeless individuals living on the streets of Indianapolis by providing resources to help them in overcoming barriers to housing. Street Reach Indy fills a gap in our community. There is no other source of flexible funding like this to address the unique situations and barriers faced by those experiencing homelessness locally.

Funds from the Street Reach Indy campaign go to Professional Blended Street Outreach (PBSO) teams who directly engage with people on the streets. PBSO teams build rapport and relationships with these individuals and help meet needs through intensive wrap-around services, including shelter, food, clothing, and medical care. PBSO teams can connect people with necessary services to help them reach stability and self-sufficiency.

Homelessness in Indianapolis touches all types of people – men, women, veterans, families, and children. Many suffer from mental health challenges, job loss, or domestic violence, but all of them need support.

Thank you for helping end homelessness in our community. However, we still have a long way to go.